How Deep Practice Is Changing my Student's Lives! Part Three - Sandy's Story.

Sandy's Story - When deep practice becomes a lifestyle. "Deep Practice" (based on Daniel Coyle's book, "The Talent Code"), has become a very common phrase in my studio. My students are embracing the concept and people are taking their practice more seriously and seeing some great results! In my first two stories, I highlighted Lisa and Katie. Lisa saw huge growth in her voice in just a few weeks when she applied deep practice to a few tools that helped her overcome some bad singing habits! Her skills improved so much that she went in for a competition and won a spot at Nationals! Katie saw some amazing growth in her attitude and her skills because she realized that making mistakes, and th

How Deep Practice is Changing My Student's Lives - Part Two - Katie's Story

Katie's story - When deep practice changes your mindset. In my first blog on deep practice, I told Lisa's story about how she used deep practice to strengthen her skills in singing. She had a competition to prepare for with little notice, so with a combination of some effective vocal tools, and applying deep practice principles, she improved substantially in the matter of a few weeks, and had a very successful experience in her competition. This story will focus on how deep practice, combined with learning about a growth mindset, helped my student Katie* improve her attitude and mindset. Katie is a high school student and has some seriously good vocal skills. She is incredibly talented, an

How Deep Practice is Changing my Student's Lives! Part One - Lisa's Story

"Lisa's" Story: An Immediate Change In Technique Have you ever wondered why some singers succeed and others don't? We often assume that every great singer was just born with an amazing gift and have a natural born talent. We may not feel that we could ever reach high levels of talent because we just don't sound that good! Well, what if I told you that most of those "natural - born", super talented singers didn't start out that way. Sure, they may have some natural tendencies, but they didn't just hop up on the stage and start winning Grammy awards. The highly successful singers became that way through deep, intense practice and hard work. I first discovered the concept of "deep practice

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