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 One of the very best decisions my husband and I ever made for our daughter was when we enrolled her in voice lessons with Laurie. At the time, she was a freshman in high school. She loved to sing at home, but had never had any kind of training. We were looking for a way for her to develop her God-given talent, and for a fun way for her to spend her free time. She's now a senior, and has grown into a beautiful vocalist. Because of Laurie, she's had the opportunity to sing in several venues, as well as being lead female vocalist in a local teen band. She will soon graduate, and will be minoring in music (voice). Because of the confidence and training she's gained during her time at Vocal Edge, we are excited to see her continue down this musical path. Thank you for everything you've done to guide and prepare her, Laurie!

- Ashley Sloan Harrison, Round Rock

Woman on the pier

Rhiannon Jenkins, 


YES OKAY. I did just watch the Kids Acting production of Grease two times. Back to back. No shame. I have the recording for a reason. Really though, watching me sing "Worse Things I Could Do," (with a few cringe-worthy notes) made me realize how far I've come as a singer. Sometimes I forget how hard I've worked. But I also know I've had a lot of help along the way. Laurie Hayes Winckel, my voice teacher, has been one of the strongest and most positives influences on my voice. Not only has she taught me technique, but she's taught me to believe that with enough practice, enough dedication, and most of all, enough soul, I can sing my heart out for the rest of my life. She always believed I could sing, even when I thought my voice was a disaster. And to this day, every time I'm too hard on myself, she's there to remind me what my voice and my passion is worth. She creates a healthy, balanced sound, but in doing that, she creates a healthy, balanced mind. Laurie makes singing an escape or therapy for when you're lost in the twists and turns we call life. She has molded my voice into the sound I have today, and the parts she didn't mold, she encouraged individuality and confidence in. I highly recommend her as a teacher, but I also recommend her as mentor, motivator, and friend. - Rhiannon L. Jenkins, Round Rock, TX

Guitar man

Darryl Sanders, Professional Musician

I am a musician (guitarist) who has played professionally for 40 yrs. In that time I have worked with some awesome musicians and lead vocalists, but, few of those vocalist are natural born singers and most did not have any formal high quality voice training and coaching. Most of the singers I have worked with in the past typically demonstrated substandard vocal technique and often struggled through songs toward the middle or end of song sets because of vocal fatigue. When I decided to learn to sing properly so as not to damage my voice, I diligently sought out vocal coaches in the greater Austin area for a full year. I am truly blessed to have found Laurie Winckel and the Vocal Edge Studio (VES) Round Rock, TX. Laurie's experience and natural gift in teaching and coaching is amazing! My experience with Laurie and VES is much more than positive. In a little over a year of lessons, she has taught and coached me to a level of singing far beyond my expectations. If you are interested in learning to sing properly, whether for fun or as my goal, to professionally grow and enhance my musical talent, Laurie Winckel and VES is a great choice. Laurie truly cares about her students success and the VES tuition is very affordable and fair. --Darryl L Sanders

mason and anne marie singing

Ashley Harrison,

Mom of Anne-Marie

Dear Laurie~  Has it really been almost three years since Anne-Marie started taking lessons at your studio?!  It has been one of the  best decisions we've ever made.  Singing has always been a passion of hers and you've helped tremendously to strengthen and build not only her voice, but her confidence as well.  Since being your student, she has benefitted both from her weekly lessons as well as the recitals.  When you presented her with the opportunity to sing with Third in Line, you opened up a whole new world to her.   Watching her perform in different settings is truly a joy.  Andrew and I have seen so much overall growth as she  gets to incorporate all that you've taught her in such a fun and rewarding way.  Thanks to the tools you continue to supply her with, we anticipate her taking what was once a little girls hobby into something she will continue for years and years to come.  Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all that you do!  Ashley and Andrew Harrison

Gaby singing in Georgetown

Debbie Lawhon,

Mom of Gabi

My daughter, Gabi, started taking lessons with Laurie when she was 7. She was shy, had terrible stage fright and tried singing like the artists she listened to on the Disney channel. Since working with Laurie, she's found her own voice, her confidence and no longer has stage fright. Being part of Vocal Edge Voice Studio has given Gabi the opportunity to perform at various venues and really challenged her to grow musically. Laurie's unique style of teaching, patience and sweet personality made it easy for Gabi to learn great technique and continue to be passionate about singing. We are truly grateful for all that Laurie has done for Gabi and highly recommend her!   Deb Lawhon

Kat singing in Austin

Laurie has been working with my daughter, Kaitlyn, for years.  We are so glad we found her studio. Kaitlyn can walk into the studio having difficulty with a song and within 5-10 minutes Laurie has helped her work through it making it possible for Kaitlyn to sing it with ease.  We've seen tremendous growth in Kaitlyn's vocal technique since working with Laurie. In a year's time we've seen an increase in her vocal range, and style as well as an increase in her stamina and strength, making it possible for Kaitlyn to perform without experiencing fatigue. Laurie is very good at giving just the right amount of encouragement to allow Kat to reach for her dreams when she has doubts that she can do it.  Laurie also works with Kat on her stage presence, allowing Kat to successfully deliver a moving live performance. I would recommend Laurie to anyone interested in improving their singing. - Kari Whitlock

Kari Whitlock,
Mom of Kat Whitlock, Recording Artist/

Lauren Singing

Donna Giarrantano
Mom of Lauren
Singer/Sonwriter Artist "Skye"

A message Laurie received after PCG Bootcamp Nashville, July 2019

"I LOVED listening to you coach kids who appeared to have never had lessons before.  To listen to the changes they were able to make in a matter of minutes with your teaching was astonishing!"

Alyssa's recital performance

Sylvia Ruvalcaba,

Mom of Alyssa

"My daughter has been going to Laurie for years.  My daughter has made so much progress with her singing since she began her lessons with Laurie.  I highly recommend Laurie Winckel, she is experienced, knowledgeable, supportive and cares about her students." 

 - Sylvia Ruvalcaba

Meredith's review on yelp

Meredith M

Singer/Local Performer

I have seen a huge change in just 3 lessons!!! She is kinda miracle worker!!! She is the coach for my amazing singer gal pal, Hannah Weison, whose mom, Amy Casey Weison is one of my families most favorite people and wedding/portrait photographer in Austin!! So Hannah got me inspired and the mommy's made it happen::))) yay for Penney and Amy!!  But you will get so much even in one session from her!! And she recorded each session and gives you a CD to listen back to!! She also is diligent about not "free chatting" and keeps us doing work the whole time!! I just feel it shows her respect for my time, as well as for hers:))) I may be a life long student with her if I can keep it on my schedule!!!  Oh and mom was sounding different by the end of one session as well... And we are so going to be the next Judds::;)) and with Lauris help I really believe we can do it!!

Ray sings at Market Days

Ray Cole,

Church Song Leader

Gradient Lead Singer

"When I started taking lessons my main goal was just to learn enough to keep from hurting my voice when I led songs at church. I had no training and didn't think I would ever be able to sing very well nor have much of a range. Laurie unlocked a talent I never knew nor dreamed I'd have. She is patient, persistent, encouraging, and very knowledgeable. My wife and one of my daughters now take lessons with her after seeing how much I enjoy it. You will NOT go wrong choosing Laurie as your voice instructor." - Ray Cole

Private Voice lessons/ Vocal Coach in Hutto & Online

KVUE news interview for the Round Rock Express

Carol Welch,
Mom of Artist Elle Townley

Laurie is a fantastic teacher and full of passion for her craft! It’s been amazing to watch our daughter’s confidence and talent blossom under her direction!

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