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Scales for Vocalizing & Balancing Voices

For best results, singers should work on their voices every day, even just 6-10 minutes a day of vocalizing with Deep Practice concepts can be very productive.  Below are scales for Boy's, Girl's, Men's and Women's Voices, and some recommended tools.  Students should work on the tools assigned to them in lesson to speak to specific vocal tendencies.    There are video explanations on the Technique Tips page. Chart your progress by printing out these 2 files:

Scales for Tenor/Bass Voices
Scales for Soprano/Alto Voices

Please click the link below that best suits your range.  Of course, you can try scales on other links to meet specific goals outside your range. For some more tips on technique, join this page: Technique Tips.

Helpful Vowel Pronunciatons

Private Voice lessons/ Vocal Coach in Hutto & Online

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