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Lesson Options & Studio Policies

Please read studio policies before joining the studio!



This is the best option for the serious, long term student who needs a secure spot.

  • Weekly or Biweekly, 30 minutes or 60 minutes, in person or via Skype! 

  • Month to Month Commitment- Recurring lessons are billed Monthly** and are to be paid fully, in advance, to reserve your ongoing spot.  You will receive an invoice by the 20th of the month before lessons are given, or when you enter the studio. To reserve your spot, payments are due by the 25th of the month prior to lessons.  A $20 late fee may apply if we have to collect late payments, or we will open up the spot.   

  • 24 Hour Cancellation Policy - No Credits, Refunds or Prorated Tuition for Canceled Lessons. Make Ups Only. Lessons are forfeited in the event of a last minute cancellation or no-show.

  • If you need to take time off, you have two options. 1. To save your spot, pay for the month as usual and schedule make up lessons when you return. 2. Let me know in writing the month before and I will remove you from your spot on the calendar so you aren't billed.  You are welcome to come back at any time but I can't guarantee unpaid spots so you may need to look for a different time.  To cancel lessons, please give 30 days notice so we have adequate time to replace your spot. Please complete all the lessons you have paid for before stopping, as refunds will not be given. 

  • Plan Benefits Include: Your Own Guaranteed Spot, Easy online or in person scheduling and bill pay, Priority scheduling if you need to your recurring change spot.  Priority with same day lesson shuffling option (for those who need to move a lesson time around within the same day, based on availability).


Great option for those with crazy schedules and don't want to schedule a bunch of make up lessons or those who have financial considerations.

  • 30-60 minute lessons, in person or via Skype!

  • Book your own lessons, online or in person, at your convenience.

  • Pay as you go (in advance) when booking the lesson.  (Cash/checks will be accepted at the beginning of the lesson however, students who cancel at the last minute will be billed for the lesson.) 

  • 24 Hour Cancellation Policy - No Credits, Refunds or Prorated Tuition for Canceled Lessons.  Make Ups Only.  Lessons are forfeited in the even of a last minute cancellation or no-show.​

  • Plan Benefits Include: No monthly commitment, Easy online or in person scheduling and bill pay, Same day lesson shuffling option (for those who need to move a lesson time around within the same day, based on availability).


  • Students under the age of 9 will be auditioned at the first lesson to determine whether or not he or she is ready for private lessons. Younger students may be asked to audition for a lesson spot.

  • Studio Equipment – Students (especially young children), please be careful with the studio equipment (microphones, cables, headphones, music stands, etc.)

  • Be on time or a few minutes early, so you don't lose any lesson time!

  • Some online lessons will not be recorded from my end, but you may record on your end. (Skype/Facetime/Messenger) I can record zoom.  User names are found on the lesson reminders. I'll call you just as soon as  I've finished the lesson before yours.

  • Contacting me during lessons – I usually don’t answer the phone during lessons, so if you need to contact me for a quicker response, please text me at 512-796-8976.  I will glance at my phone several times a day to check for your texts.  I will respond as quickly as I can! 

  • Please bring water, pencils for marking in sheet music, designated CD notebook or case for holding your lesson CD’s in. Bring any song lyrics you need, but if you leave them at home, I can usually pull them up online. Bring a USB thumb drive if you wish to have your lesson recorded on that device, rather than a CD.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason but especially for repeated late payments, no-shows, too many repeated cancellations, disrespect for studio policies and disrespect for the teacher/studio or other students or simply being too young to benefit from voice lessons at the time. People who leave the studio while owing money will not be allowed back unless payment in full is received in advance. 

  • Cash/Checks/Credit/Debit/Paypal/Bank Draft payments are accepted. To pay via Paypal, Just log into Paypal and send your payment to or click on the “pay” spot on the invoice when it is sent out around the 20th of the month before.

  • If you know in advance that you will need some time off, please give as much notice as possible so that I can fill your spot.  You are always welcome to return when you are ready, but you may have to look for another day/time.  Please understand that there may not be any spots available at the time of your return but you can come back on the waiting list or work yourself back in to the schedule as a random lesson student.

  • Make Up Lessons - Canceling lessons and scheduling make up lessons are the responsibility of the student/family. You can cancel/reschedule lessons on the student log in portal.  Make up lessons must not stack up. Please reschedule lessons as soon as you cancel them within the next two months. They can also be scheduled before the cancelled lesson date.  I will only honor make ups within the same calendar year, but if a student cancels a lot of lessons and is not timely about making them up and then leaves the studio with more than two make up lessons due, only two will be honored.      

  • Please let me know in advance if you need to cancel some lessons so we can discuss options.

  • There is a $25 fee for returned checks.

  • Some months have 3 weeks (with holidays), some have 5. Your invoice or package will reflect the number of lessons you will have in a month.

  • There may be some specially scheduled gigs/concerts, but most are at Round Rock Market Days and are free to the singer. 

  • Other fees may apply if we have extra workshops, karaoke nights, or public concerts where I need to rent equipment or pay for a space.  If a student needs piano accompaniment for a recital or audition, the fee is $25 for a private accompanist and it covers a 45 minute rehearsal and a $15 per additional hour with the accompanist if needed.  


Private Voice lessons/ Vocal Coach in Hutto & Online

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