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Musical Styles

Johnnie Kay, singer songwriter
Kat Whitlock, alt rock
Danielle Kaigler, Musical Theater
Elle Townley, country singer


My main emphasis in on vocal balance.  Vocal Balance is based on a singer's ability to sing with a resting larynx position, proper vocal fold adduction and ability to navigate through the bridges evenly, without breaks, strain or pushing.  Once a singer finds balance, we can then apply these skills to any style of music.  Some singers find vocal balance easily while others may take some time depending on what habits they need to break first.  Developing the voice and musical style is journey.  To truly master singing properly at a high level, it take years of training and intentional practice.  Most people will notice changes within their first lesson,  so the more time you put in to practicing the tools, the faster you will reach your goals. 

If you need help developing your personal style, we will start by balancing your voice and applying it to many different styles to see which one(s) fit you best!   Of course, you will not be limited in choosing one style to sing, you are completely free to choose your path however you would like.  Just know to become really strong in a particular style, it takes lots of deep practice!


Kids: If you have a child interested in theater, the best time to start lessons is 5th or 6th grade. That way we can work towards balance and learn a few songs in time for middle school auditions. Middle school musicals are a really important training ground for those who want lead roles in high school.  Students should be prepared with one or two audition songs for these auditions. High School students need more difficult songs, showing more range and ability.  Directors start looking for their leads years in advance, so freshmen need to be giving strong auditions.  I will help them prepare for their audition process.  I will also help high school seniors prepare for college auditions.

Teens/Adults:  Singers auditioning for more adult roles, will be focusing on developing a powerful mix (healthy "belting") as well as a "legit" singing approach.  I will teach singers to enhance whichever style you are more drawn towards, but I will also help you build the other approach in order to prepare you  for auditions and various roles.  I will also help students overcome stage fright, work on stage presence and musicality.


Singers who love to sing pop, rock, country or alternative music will be taught how to first find vocal balance, then will be shown how to use a "mix" voice as they sing their favorite songs.  We will work on proper vowels, style, when to use a more powerful sound and when to be more even, balanced and melodic.  Singers will find that songs that were once difficult, become much easier, and confidence builds. Amateur singers will have many performance opportunities at different venues so that they build vocal skills, style, stage presence and build a set list for full gigs.  Professional singers will overcome common habits that have been holding them back or causing them strain or fatigue during performances and recording sessions.  

Private Voice lessons/ Vocal Coach in Hutto & Online


Worship Leaders will highly benefit from learning vocal balance so that they are free to worship without any vocal problems or confidence issues that may be holding them back.  Worship leaders must be prepared to sing for hours at a time on service days. Early morning rehearsals, multiple services, productions, recording sessions, leading choir rehearsals can cause a worship leader to over exert themselves vocally.   We will work to balance the voice, then work to apply healthier versions of the popular styles so many worship singers are using today.  Singers will be able to sing legit forms of music as well as contemporary, while being able to keep the focus on worship. I will work with individual leaders in the studio and I am available for small group sessions or large church choir rehearsals.  I also provide vocal technique workshops to church worship teams on site.  Please check my workshop information or contact me at to book your group. 


Singer/Songwriters will learn vocal balance through individualized tools before applying the technique into their music.  It is important to focus solely on vocal training in the beginning before adding your guitar, ukelele, keyboard, etc., to your performance.  Once you are able to sing your songs with ease and strength, then you are welcome to bring your instrument to your lesson (or borrow my keyboard) so you can practice playing and singing at the same time.  We will develop a set list of original songs and maybe some covers, so you can start solo gigging, if you are not already doing so.

Advanced singers/songwriters will work for vocal balance, incorporating healthy technique into your style for unique and beautiful tone.. This will compliment your personal style, expression and musicianship.  Advanced singer songwriters who wish to audition for TV shows or talent competitions, will be prepared for the auditions upon request.


Singers who wish to focus on Classical Music or Opera, should begin at a young age, especially if they want to major in music in college.  It takes years to develop a classically trained voice to a level high enough to gain entry into a college music program or to get a voice scholarship. I will work on vocal balance first, then prepare and guide singers all the way through the process.  Students starting in middle school should work on easy art songs, region choir and solo and ensemble music, through your middle school choral programs. I will help you select, prepare and polish all of your audition music.  High School students should work on more difficult solo music, from art songs to arias, based on grade level and classification of UIL solos.  Classical Singers should audition for the All-Region/All-State Choirs through your public school choral program. Private school and home-school students have their own version of these competitions. I can help turn choral singing into solo singing for your solo audition. I will also help prepare juniors and seniors for college auditions. Graduating seniors are encouraged to perform a private senior recital, so we can build your repertoire. I will help choir singers become strong solo singers and I can help introduce other styles in preparation for school pop shows and musicals. and other performances.

College music majors, classical church singers and professional opera singers will get more intensive training to sing Opera or Classical music with vocal balance.  We will be using more difficult repertoire and balancing exercises and vocalises to help the singer gain more flexibility, clarity, ease, resonance, musicality and expression. I will prepare you for auditions and recitals and productions.

I also offer lessons in Music Theory and Sightreading, based on Solfege (Do-Re-Mi), for those who need extra help before taking college entrance exams and Pre-Area, All-State auditions.


Jazz/blues singers will learn to balance their voice through a personalized technique. Once vocal balance is present, we will transition into singing any song or style you choose.  You can choose classics from Etta James and Frank Sinatra, to more current singers like Diana Krall and Norah Jones.  Let's feel some freedom with your rhythm, expression, expand your set list, develop riffs and runs and find some opportunities to perform.  If you play an instrument while you sing, feel free to bring along!

Private Voice lessons/ Vocal Coach in Hutto & Online

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