"Am I Good Enough To Sing?

Am I good enough? That’s a question I am often asked as I look into the eyes of new students who are standing there, exposing a deep part of their soul to me, trusting me as I lead them though a series of strange and unusual exercises to help them experience what it feels like to sing…really sing! They go through their mental gymnastics “Can I really do this?” “Will these exercises really make me better?” “What if I fail?” “Will I make a fool of myself?” “Can anyone else hear what I am doing right now”? Many of these questions are flooding their minds as they sing. They may be following my directions and doing what I ask them to do, but inside they fight to overcome their insecurities, a

My Voice Teacher Success Story

My musical story isn’t fancy or spectacular. I didn’t have this incredible voice, perform in any major roles, or travel the world singing. (Well, I did once with my college choir). I have never won any major competitions (unless they were choir competitions). I didn’t take the “Performance” route in college, and not because I didn’t think I could sing well. Instead, I had a very intense desire to teach. My story, though painful at times, is intended to inspire and give others hope! In college, I was told by a voice teacher on staff that I sounded so bad after a voice jury, she wanted to pour Drano down my throat! (I lived in the Texas Hill Country and, like everyone else, suffered from ba

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