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Helping you help your students to grow!

kate angel coaching session

Are you a voice teacher that loves to sing, loves to teach but feel like you just haven't had enough training on the teacher side of things?  Do you get stumped on how to correct certain mistakes your students are making?  Are you lacking mentorship? Are you searching for more information on how to improve your knowledge skills and understanding of the voice? 

If so, then this course is for you! 

Join our teachers as we meet every other week online, via zoom, or in person.  Our class will equip you to fully understand the voice and how to communicate in such a way that makes singing lessons fun and user friendly to your students.  You'll notice much faster improvement in your students, and it's information that is unique to them.  You'll find your teaching to be more effective than ever before.  Your students will notice the difference and you will begin to gain more business from word of mouth.

Topics we discuss:

  • Vocal Pedagogy - gain full understanding of the voice, the muscles, breathing/appoggio, consonants/vowels, gain full understanding and balance of the registers, resonance, range, mix, vibrato, extending range safely, etc

  • Learn to assess a voice and gain the knowledge of tools needed to correct bad habits with an easy-to-follow format.

  • Build a toolbox to help any student of any age, voice type, overcome bad habits and develop a clear, powerful, unique to themselves, professional tone. 

  • Learn how to adjust the singers' approach to fit they style they desire to sing.

  • Learn to teach them to sing ballads, belter songs, classically, jazz styles, rock, musical theater, etc.

  • Learn how to teach them musicianship, performance and stage presence, confidence, the art in the music, bringing emotion into their songs. 

  • Studio Recording skills.

  • Navigating the music industry

  • Learn how to teach them stylize their songs, riffing, making memorable moments, etc. 

  • Music theory/sightreading

  • Foreign language pronunciation

  • Studio business

  • Communication/leadership/problem solving skills, etc.

  • Classes are taught by level and are kept small.  A new class will begin as soon as we have enough people to form the new class. 

  • much more...

If you are interested, please send an email for more information.

Jenny Cova wins a singing competition in Greenville, TX
on location shooting music video with SKYE
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