Student Spotlight & Studio News 


Welcome to our Student Spotlight and Studio News Page!  Our students are busy performing and doing amazing things and we want to share some things that have happened within the past year.  We add to this page frequently, so check back to see our latest news!  

Congratulations to all of our Vocal Edge Studio Artists who have released singles and albums in recent months.  Please check out our studio artist playlist on Spotify and follow these artists.  Many of these artists are involved in the PCG Artist Development Program and some are independent artists.  Please show them your support! 
Laurie was honored to speak two classes at the IVACON International Voice Teachers' Conference, April 12 & 13, 2021. 
Congratulations to Lori Beth Brooke on her award winning songs & Album! She topped the Western Music charts and she won "Album of the year" for her record "Texas Star"  Please follow her on Spotify and all streaming platforms.  To purchase her CD, please go to
PCG Universal - Nashville and PCG Austin came together to host a live staging workshop for emerging artists.  Jennifer McGill, PCG Staging Coach and Former Mouseketeer, Matt Noveskey, Blue October's Bassist and Orb Studios Owner, Laurie Winckel, Vocal Edge Studios & Brian Curtis, Professional Guitarist and PCG Provider, Laina & Dylan Standard and Alyson Pirotina were industry panelists. 
PCG VISIBLE Music College Partnership! 
We are excited to announce our partnership with PCG Visible Music College!  Artists have the option of attaining a one-year certification from PCG Visible in Artist Development at any of their campuses around the country or online!  This program also comes with college credits and can be rolled into a four year degree program!  Any Vocal Edge students who want to go through artist development and become a professional singer, songwriter, musician, etc, can enroll in this program!  My students will be able to get college credit for their voice lessons!  This is huge and provides several amazing options for commercial and worship artists.  For more information, contact or
Read the article about PCG Visible in the Music Row website!
New Release!! Congrats to Lori Beth Brooke on the release of her Western Music CD "Texas Star"!  Lori is a great singer, songwriter of Western and German Music!  She is a world champion yodeler and she plays accordion!  Her songs are delightful and she is a great entertainer!  She and her band perform frequently at German and Western Music Festivals! You can purchase her CD for $20 via her website:
Michaela Watson - "Thank You" & "Breaking Free" Lyric Videos
Kat Whitlock - "Killing Time" Official Video
Skye - "Time Fly By" Official Video
All videos are shown on the homepage!
Look for releases soon by Elle Townley and Ava Marbry!

Studio Song Project - "Lean On Me" - week one!

Last week, due to the quarantine, I challenged my voice students to record their own individual versions of an Inspirational song that we could use to bring hope and peace to each other and the world in these difficult times. This video was released last night and this morning, we learned that Bill Withers passed. So in his honor, we want to dedicate this song back to him.

The students who participated sang this song in their own styles, totally unrehearsed, because the point of this project is not to be perfect in group singing, it is to unify us, to spread hope and a smile. We are all different ages, levels of experience and musical styles but we are coming together as one beautiful chorus of voices, showing our love for our music and our community! I hope you all enjoy! ❤️

I am so proud of these singers and I want to express my gratitude for them and the fact that I can work with great singers everyday.

I also want to give a big shout out for the medical heroes who are on the front lines fighting to heal people from this virus. 

Announcing the First Annual Round Rock Singer/Songwriter Festival!
***RESCHEDULED** due to COVID-19!
Mark your calendars for the first Saturday in October! We have a full weekend of workshops, competitions, live performance opportunities and private sessions planned for artists of all ages!  Learn from Industry Professionals from Austin and Nashville!  You will have a full weekend of networking and polishing your skills in songwriting, stage-live performance, vocals, guitar and you will have the opportunity to sing in a competition with prizes for each category; kids, teens and adults! Then all participants will sing a thirty minute gig in a local restaurant, downtown Round Rock!  Sunday, you will have the opportunity to take private sessions with our Nashville Songwriting and Staging coaches from PCG Universal.  You can also take a private vocal/guitar lesson with local instructors who work with Nashville Execs from PCGUniversal.    
For more info, Check out our eventbrite page.  More Details to Follow!
Voice Students performed at Round Rock Market Days this weekend, March 7, 2020!  Here are the highlights!
Congrats to Michaela Watson on the release of her new single "Breaking Free', which came out Friday February 21! Her music can be found on all major streaming platforms! Follow heron Facebook at: Michaelaismusic and on IG: Michaelaizmusic. 

Round Rock Express - National Anthem Auditions! 

February 10, 2020

Dell Diamond.jpg

Twelve Vocal Edge Students and members of Gradient Vocal Entertainment group auditioned to sing the National Anthem at a Round Rock Express Baseball Game during the 2020 Baseball Season.  Vocal Edge Studio Owner, Laurie Winckel, was one of the judges for the third year in a row.  Over the years, many of her students have sung at games.  She started giving workshops to help auditionees prepare to face strict guidelines and stiff competition. 

In preparation for the audition, Laurie and her student, Recording Artist, Kat Whitlock ( were interviewed by KVUE news, and Kat sang the National Anthem at 6 am, the Monday morning before the audition.  

You can view that interview on Twitter, here: KVUE News National Anthem Interview


That evening, Kat and about 160 other singers gathered at the Dell Diamond to audition for the judges consisting of Laurie and Round Rock Express Representative, Steve Richards. Only 40 spots are open for the season. 

KXAN news came to the audition and reported their story that evening. A Vocal Edge Student, Aline Garza was first to perform on the news, then another gentleman followed by Kat Whitlock and David Scarborough,our bass in Gradient. Other students/Gradient members who auditioned and performed really well were: Eric Panter, Dean Butler, Alayna Aguilar, Leslie Ann Lester, Lucy Welch, Kiki Shakespeare Thompson, Ava Walter, Michaela Watson (michaelaismusic), David Barron.  Student Ray Cole and Gradient have an automatic pass to perform every year because of the number performances we've had in the past.       

You can view the KXAN story at the Dell Diamond here.

Announcing our Charter Spotlight Artist Hub

Vocal Edge Spotlight Artist Development 

We launched our Spotlight Artist Hub on January 17, 2020! We are super excited about all the opportunities for performance and growth in 2020!  We're missing about 5-6 members in these pictures, but we are excited about our Charter class!
Emerging artist flyer.png

We're so excited to introduce our new artist development program for emerging artists and perfomers!  Starting In January 2020, we will provide workshops, lessons, performance opportunities, photo shoots, glam days...everything you or your artist needs to enter the industry safely and directly.  We will also be working hand in hand with our Nashville Family, PCG Uuniversal and Theatrical.  For more information about how to join the program, click here.  

Also, you are invited to come to our kick off concert on Saturday, November 2 from 9 am -4 p.m. at Round ROck Market Days @ Prete Plaza on Main Street Round Rock (Across from the Library.) Our current PCG Emerging Artists and artists who have been training and writing songs  in Nashville will be performing! 


A dozen Vocal Edge Students attended the PCG Universal Artist Development Bootcamp. Students were trained by top artists, producers, songwriters in the industry, including Multiple Grammy Winning Songwriter/Producer Keith Thomas, Songwriter Britton Cameron, Singer/Songwriter Margaret Becker, Author, Coach Jeri Bergdoll and Broadway Super Star, Tony Vincent (Toured with the band, Queen, performed lead in "We Will Rock You", "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "American Idiot" and was the protege of Andrew Lloyd Webber) & Jennifer McGill, former Mouseketeer (with Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, etc.) 

Laurie team taught vocal and staging technique with Jennifer McGill, Tony Vincent and PCG Founder, Bernard Porter!  It was an amazing experience!  Our students performed very well at the end of the bootcamp on the PCG Stage at Opry Mills Mall.  


We were blessed to have Nashville Songwriter/Producer, Britton Cameron teach a special virtual workshop for my students!   

Announcing our upcoming partnership with The Balanced Singer (TBS)! 
The Balanced Singer is a new format for voice students who want more information about their singing that lines up with what is already being taught in our lessons.  It is also for the singer who is not currently in lessons but would like some info about the best way to use their own voice.  This format is soon to be released to the public, but for now, you can sign up to receive emails at They can also be found on facebook at:
Announcing our new partnership with PCG Theatrical!  
Serious minded theater students now have a personalized program to develop to them to their highest potential!  If you are a theater student looking for a direct path into the industry, watch this video and check out the PCG Theatrical website!  We are happy to be working with PCG Theatrical, so please let us know if you have questions! 
Talent Development.png
IVACON 2019 - BADEN, AUSTRIA (Close to Vienna)
May 5-10, 2019 
Laurie just returned from Vienna & Baden Austria for a week of world class vocal training with IVACON (Institute of Vocal Advancement's annual convention).  She met with over 100 + teachers and speakers from 22 countries, 5 continents.  She is excited to share some great information she learned with her students.  Guest Speakers included: Professor Boris Kleber on how the brain influences singing, Ariel Coehlo on teaching vocal effects and Mario Rosini on musicality and adding style to singing.  The IVA Master Teachers provided lots of practical application.  She took a class on Jazz Music Improvisation and participated in "Circle Singing", which was introduced by her friends from Brazil and Italy.  There was a lot of singing, teaching and performing going on all week.  Teachers enjoyed the camaraderie. We are one big family who we laughed together, toured Vienna and Baden together, even found Beethoven's house, where he wrote his Ninth Symphony!
Laurie also visited London and Amsterdam on her way to and from Vienna.  She came back inspired, excited, full and ready to move forward!   Enjoy some pics from the trip and the conference!  
Congrats to Michaela Watson onn the release of her new single "Choose", released on May 3, 2019.  You can find her music on iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music and You Tube and most platforms.  Look for Michaela is Music.  gratg 6