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Jayelle Hayes
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Your voice is special. It's uniquely you and should be treated with individualized attention, addressing your needs even at the smallest detail.  At Vocal Edge Voice Studio, I will take the utmost care when working with you and your voice. In a warm, safe environment, I take the time to assess your voice from the weakest link and build it into a powerful voice, free from limitations that have been holding you back. You are invited to experience the difference and see why the instruction I teach, vocal balance (mix) technique, is the foundation for building a solid voice, while also focusing your vocal health, musicianship and performance. This is much more of a holistic, user friendly and effective approach, than any other. I will address your singing habits and any vocal health issues from the root, and help you understand the tools to build a powerful, healthy and free-flowing voice, which results in much improved sound and performance. You will begin to feel the difference right off the bat.  Vocal Edge studio offers a warm and inviting environment, so you can relax and be yourself. 

Whether you are new to lessons or a seasoned professional needing a highly effective, user-friendly, holistic approach, then I encourage you to book a lesson with me and experience the difference. You are investing in quality training that comes from a highly trained, world-class instructor, to build healthy singing habits that will last you a life-time. I teach all ages and work with all styles of music. I teach in person at my studio in Hutto, TX and throughout the US and worldwide via Online Lessons. I invite you to read through my website, my bio and my blog where you will read some inspiring stories about my students.  My singers are growing and flourishing, not only as singers but as artists, but as healthy singers/performers, and I know you will too!  I am always happy to answer your questions and I look forward to helping you build a legacy of great singing! 

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