Public and Private Group Workshop Descriptions

By utilizing our network of ourstanding teachers, directors and musicians, we are able to offer some incredible classes to students and performers all over Central Texas!   Check out our calendar of events on the Home Page to see what is offered and to book your spot!

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Course Descriptions
SingingWorkshops:                                                                                 $50 per session
Class size is limited to 6 -8 people per session.   Each session is One hour and Fifty minutes long.

Have you been struggling with your singing technique?  Are you wondering what to do about vocal fatigue, pain, breathiness, breaks, etc?  There are many common problems that singers face, but no two singers are identical.  We will help you determine what habits (good and bad) that you have picked up along the way and we will give you some tools to correct them.  Good vocal training is a process and you may not solve all your problems in one class, but you will have some tools to start you in the right direction.  It's worth it for every singer to do what it takes to break bad habits and start focusing on building a strong, healthy voice, balanced voice.  Once you have an idea of what tools would directly benefit you, then we will apply them to songs so you will have better success when singing your music!   Taught by Laurie Winckel and/or Matt Ramsey


Group Workshops:                 
                                                                                       $50 per person to attend a workshop.
                          $100 per hour paid by an organization for hosting a group workshop.
Design your own to meet your group's needs.  Group size is unlimited.  2 hour, 4 hour or full day workshops available. Out of town workshops may require added fees for travel expenses. 

I am available to teach workshops for your group!  Whether you are working with an Opera or Theater group, a Church Worship Team, a Choir, a Rock or Pop Band, etc,  I will work with your group to teach the latest information available regarding a healthy vocal technique.  I will also incorporate the technique into a practical application so you can understand the tools while applying them to your music.  I am  experienced in helping groups develop good blend, balance and harmonization, so your group can go to the next level!


Focused will be placed on different things for different groups:

  • For Worship Teams - focused will be placed on how to protect and save your voice while leading worship or singing in multiple services, creating great solo or blended group sounds, while keeping your focus on true, Christ-centered, heart-felt worship.  Taught by Laurie Winckel.

  • For Choirs - tools for creating a balanced, healthy voice will be applied during warm up and again while working on music, so that that singer and their voice is not confused by the differences in "choral" vs "solo" singing.   Singers have one voice, which should be balanced for the most efficient usage, no matter what style of music is being sung.  Singers will learn to sing with balance while not disturbing the authenticity of great choral music of every genre.  Taught by Laurie Winckel.

  • Pop/Rock/Contemporary Bands - Learn to sing with balance, power while learning to enhance your overall sound, whether it is in a live stage or in production. Enhance your overall sound by adding good technique as well as harmonies, great stage presence, which are elements that will get your hired again and again!  Bands can also request a group clinic to help solidify their overall sound, with instruments and vocals.  Our outstanding band coach, guitar teacher and professional musician, Brian Curtis, will be available for rehearsal/performance consultation.  Laurie Winckel will work with vocals.

  • Opera/Theater Groups - The focus will be on learning and maintaining a healthy balance in your voice as you prepare for auditions, as well as perform night after night.  Learn the tools that help you perfrom with power and ease, while maintaing stage presence and not wear out your voice!  The technique can also be applied to speaking roles, small ensemble and chorus singing.  Taught by Laurie Winckel

  • Songwriting - Learn how to write your own songs!  Teacher, Matt Ramsey will instruct this class. Contact him for more details.

  • Recording, Production and Studio Technology - Matt Ramsey will instruct this class.  Contact him for more details.Developing your Own Unique Style - Taught by Laurie Winckel/Matt Ramsey. 

  • Discover and develop your own unique singing style!  This class will help the singer decide what style of music best suits your personality and voice.  Learn what the professional and legendary singers did to create their own style.  Apply simple tools of musicianship to help you better communicate with your audience!  Let the passion you feel when you sing, come to the forefront with your audience!  You will start to realize who you are and who you want to become as a singer!  Matt may add a "Marketing Your Own Unique Style" component to this course as well.

"Studio to Stage" Performance Workshops for Singers:                 $50 per session   6-8 participants per session.   Each session is  One hour and Fifty minutes long. 
Please indicate your approximate level when you register.  (multiple levels may attend one class when not offered as separate classes).

Studio to Stage Performance Workshop for Kids (ages 14-under):

Our "Studio to Stage" Kids Workshop is designed for every singer who is already performing, ready to start performing, or almost ready, but not quite sure! This class will focus on singers who are already singing using our balanced approach and have begun working on songs, but who have been hesistant to perform.  We will start with a group warm up and then move to activities that will help build confidence.  We will discuss fear, stage fright and how to overcome those awful nerves!  We will follow up with an opportunity for singers to perform a song together while applying some exercises to confidence and build stage presence.  Some students will be asked to be demo students and should be ready to perform a song for the group.



Studio To Stage Performace Workshop for Adults (Ages 15 and up) - for Commerical Music Performers:

Once students feel stronger in their ability to perform in public,  they will be ready to step up their game in this workshop prepares singers to sing in live music venues with their own bands, etc.  This class is a must for any student who is auditioning and advancing into the Vocal Edge Select Program , where they build a set list and start performing in public venues in the area.  Time spent in this workshop will be more focused on more advanced stage presence techniques, writing a script to inspire communication with the audience between songs, building an smooth flow and transition between songs on stage, keeping the audience interested. Eventually the goal will be to go solo gig at some point (if they aren't already doing so).  


Studio to Stage Performance Workshop for (Kids/Adults) - Classical/Theater/Opera Performers:  This class will help the theatrical singer to develop stronger skills for auditioning for roles in a Musicals or Operas, and increasing stage presence and their abilities to better communicate their roles to the audience during the performace.  This is a more advanced class for those who are already performing in public venues (schools, community theater and professional theater).  We will cover more detailed approaches to song choices, styles and stage productions.


Teacher Training Workshops:                                                            $80.00 per session

2  1/2 hour, Unlimited class size.


Are you a private voice teacher looking for further training, accountability or just to network with other teachers?  Or are you interested in becoming a private teacher but don't know how to get started?  Do you feel as if you aren't able to properly help all your students and wonder what you are missing?  Then come to our workshops and learn how you can join with some of the best teachers in the world! The Institute of Vocal Advancement (IVA) has an incredible program designed to train teachers to teach singers to find vocal balance and then they can apply their technique to any style they wish to sing.  We train the vocal balance  first, then add style and our technique is used by countless professionals througout the world!  Come join us to see how you can become the best teacher possible! You will be amazed by the approach and your students will thank you!


  • These workshops will be packed with great information, and could include the following:

  • Who we are and a description of the technique.

  • Basic Vocal Pedagogy - How our voices function.

  • Dispelling popular singing myths.

  • Diagnosing your own voice and how to bring your own voice to balance.

  • Introducing some basic tools you can apply immediately with yourself and with your students.

  • Learn how to apply a well connected, balanced voice to your songs, before adding style.

  • How to start up and build a successful voice studio.

  • How to become certified in IVA and what your next steps to learning more will be.

  • Audition tips, Stage presence tips, Overcoming stage fright tips, Tips to keeping your voice healthy.


Meet Our Teachers:

Laurie Winckel - IVA Certified Level III Voice Instructor- Round Rock.  Available to teach all courses, except the Recording Studio Tech classes.  


                                   Matt Ramsey - Available for South/East Austin Voice Lessons, Vocal Workshops, Recording                                     Technology and Songwriting classes - IVA Certified Instructor -




                                Brian Curtis  -  Lessons and Band Coaching - Brian is a Professional Musician,  Lead Singer                                 Lead Guitarist, Rock & Country Bands.