Vocal Edge Select Singers

The Vocal Edge Voice Studio is proud to announce a new program called “VE Select”!    Based on the American Idol model where finalists go on tour, we are looking to give intermediate-advanced singers opportunities to perform in live music venues around town. 

Our goals:  To give opportunities of higher levels of growth to students who desire to perform by:


  • giving each singer the ability to sing up to 3 songs, live, in public. Live music is preferable…songs can be a cappella, self-accompanied on guitar, keyboard, or someone else can accompany the singer on any instrument necessary. Karaoke CD’s are fine if live music isn’t available.

  • working at a more intense musical pace.  Students will need to learn at least 2 new songs to perform in public and then a separate new song to perform on the recital as an “audition” song to be considered for the next season’s VE select group.  If selected, the student can use the audition piece as well as several new songs for the tour. (At least three songs or more if we need to fill more time at a gig).

  • achieving excellence in performance by learning songs completely, performing them with technical skill while adding musicality and stage presence, and singing with confidence and getting a good crowd response. VE Select members will be ready to perform in public without letting stage fright consume them.

  • learning how to handle competition.  There will be a limit to the number of students we can take on “tour” because we have time limits when we sing in these venues so we will only select the top 10 (and maybe two alternates) at each recital. 

  • building performance skills in live performance such as good stage presence, ability to communicate and draw in an audience, handling transitions between songs well, etc.

  • building a repertoire or set list so a student can then start performing solo gigs on their own, opening up other opportunities to be hired for other performances, gigs in the future.  Many college students make extra money gigging their way through college!

  • being a good example to other students who are just beginning their singing careers, showing what it takes, what good practice can do, and what to expect in the future! Mentoring less experienced singers in studio recital setting, etc. also helps them grow and keeps them in a mindset of giving back.

  • VE Select members will also be the first to be asked to sing at other events, Nation Anthems, Intermissions or opening entertainment for Bands, other performers, etc.


Here’s how it works and what is expected…


  • To be eligible for selection, students must have parental permission and must perform a new song (that we polish in voice lessons) on the end-of-semester voice recital. 

  • Approximately 10 singers will be selected as VE Select members and will be invited to perform their audition song as well as 2 other songs in their repertoire.  Some songs will have to be learned and polished pretty quickly, especially if they are accompanying themselves on guitar or keyboard.

  • At the same time, the singer continues to prepare for the next studio recital by learning a new song to perform/audition with that hasn’t been performed in public in previous gigs. This keeps them learning new repertoire and building their set list so they can do full gigs at some time in the future.

  • I will give direction on song choices, but students should be looking for songs that fit their style and musical personality.  However, they will need a variety of slow and fast songs and they will need to have a list of song choices in mind so we have something to work with in lessons.

  • For gigs, we are making commitments to venues that make a livelihood partially from live music.  We want to give them our best and keep our commitments as much as possible so they will continue to host us.  I will set up gigs a semester at a time and send the dates out as early as possible.  Students must agree to attend as many gigs as they can.  I will try my best to plan gigs around other events but I realize we won’t always have everyone present.  That’s when we will call in alternates.  If a student misses too many gigs in a season, that will be taken into consideration when selecting the next season’s VE select group.

  • VE Select Members are responsible for coming to the gigs they have signed up for.  If there is an emergency or illness and a singer cannot perform, the student must call or text the director asap.  If a student does not keep their commitment and misses a gig, they will be taken off the tour and cannot reaudition for a year.

  • All VE members will need to attend a “pre-tour” meeting/training each season to discuss all the details of the gigs, and to help you prepare mentally for the season.  Singers will be trained on performance etiquette, stage presence and communicating with a live venue audience, and many other essential “non-vocal” things you will need to know to have a successful performance.

  • All VE singers should have some business cards or flyers made with your name, email and if you sing, play keyboard, guitar, etc to hand out to prospective clients who may approach you at gigs. (www.vistaprint.com makes free or very inexpensive cards, some already have musical designs on them that you can have sent to you pretty quickly).    

  • If a student auditions and is not ready to handle the intensity of singing multiple songs without using good technique, then we will recommend the student auditions the next time around and we will work hard to strethen the area(s) that may be holding them back.


What if I’m not selected? 

  • If a singer is not selected one season, no worries, they will be given some things to work on so that their next performance is better. They will get another chance to audition at the end of the next season.  Singers really don’t want to sing in public if they are not ready.  Many of the singers selected have studied for years and have had time to polish and mature into intermediate to advanced singers. Age does not matter, except at this point, this program is mainly for kids and teens due to time constraints at gigs.  At this time, adults will have a different option for public performance. (Open mic nights at many of these same venues, live band karaoke, etc.)

What if I can’t attend a gig that I’m committed to? 

  • Please give Laurie as much notice as possible to make sure we can fill your time spot.  Text messages are best 512-796-8976.

What equipment will I need to gig with?

  • You will need to let me know what equipment you will need and what you already have.  Most people need to bring their own guitars, but we may only need one amp to prevent overcrowding. If anyone has a keyboard they can bring, and possibly share with others, that would be great, as mine is quirky and not best suited for live events.  I will bring a sound system, mics, etc.

Is there an added charge for this? / Will I make any money?

  • At this point, I am not charging my students any extra for this program because some of these venues will pay a portion of their sales or allow tips.  I will use that as pay for my time and for my equipment, as well as advertising expenses, etc. So, students enrolled in this program will not make money at this point, but if you stick with it long enough, I will teach you what you need to know to prepare your own gigs in the future and will give you some exposure so you can be hired to perform for other events.  I will also be happy to give recommendations to any students ready to solo gig.   

  • Any additional classes, studio to stage classes focusing on stage presence, movement, overcoming stage fright, etc, will have a small charge, as usual.

Please know that this program is brand new and still under development.  Changes can be made and will be made public as we learn more about what we are doing and how to make it better! J




Voice Teacher in Austin/Round Rock