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The Institute of Vocal Advancement 

Texas Teacher Network

I'd like to introduce you to our Network of IVA Voice Teachers in the Austin/Central Texas Area.  The Institute of Vocal Advancement (IVA) is a world class organization that requires student teachers and certified teachers to go through very rigorous training, thereby producing some of the best teachers in the world!  The following teachers are certified IVA teachers, student teachers or about to go the process of becoming certified.  Everyone listed is currently being trained through private voice lessons and/or teacher training.   Various Levels of teaching range from Student Teachers to Certified Teachers: Levels 1-3, Advanced and Mentor Teachers.  We all train with Master Teachers from around the world!

Our network consists of independent voice teachers in Texas who have their own studios, set their own prices, keep their own schedules, and teach in their own locations.  To book a lesson with anyone in our network, please contact them directly.

Laurie Winckel - Vocal Edge Voice Studio Owner, IVA Certified Advanced Teacher, Area Rep for the State of Texas. 

Search this website for studio information.  (Located in Round Rock and on Skype. Serving Central Texas and Worldwide.)

Matt Ramsey - Octave Higher East Owner and Voice Teacher - IVA Level One Certified Teacher  (East Austin)

"Matt Ramsey founded Austin's vocal studio Octave Higher East in 2012 and is an IVA certified vocal coach, songwriter, and blogger. In his years teaching at Octave Higher East, Matt has helped develop singers in nearly every genre of music. From rock to pop, jazz to musical theater, Matt believes his world class vocal technique can help anyone achieve their goals."

Susan Leach - IVA Student Teacher - (Located in the Georgetown Area)

Contact her at:

I hold two degrees from the University of Texas at Austin - a Bachelor of Science Degree in Speech Communication and a Bachelor of Arts in Music with an emphasis in Choral Conducting and Voice. While at UT, I had the pleasure of studying with Dr. James Morrow and Dr. Suzanne Pence. I have taught music for over 10 years. In addition to voice, I also am an accomplished flutist and am proficient in piano. As a vocalist, I have been classically trained, have studied Speech Level Singing, and currently study the Institute of Vocal Advancement (IVA) technique.

While at UT, I performed in several ensembles including Concert Chorale, Women’s Chorus, and the Longhorn Band. I continue to participate in various professional and volunteer choirs and have performed in venues including the Erwin Center, Bass Concert Hall, and St. Mary Cathedral. I have performed for dignitaries and celebrities including the Governor of Texas and the Bishop of Austin.

I am currently the Director of Music at St. John Vianney Catholic Church and have directed the Choir for the Diocese of Austin. I have taught performers of all ages with varying degrees of ability. I am skilled in a wide range of musical genres and languages including: Latin, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and others. I also regularly sing and play flute at weddings, funerals, church services, and in concerts both as a soloist and as part of a choir or ensemble. In addition, I am a certified cantor with the National Association of Pastoral Musicians.

I continue to work on my personal singing and teaching techniques through regular voice lessons with IVA Master Teachers, attending conferences, and workshops. In addition, I continually read music focused books and periodicals to expand my personal knowledge. I strive to bring my best to my students by giving them techniques that will develop skills to effectively grow their voices and abilities. I have personally studied with Laurie Winckel, Jeffrey Skouson, Matthew Ramsey, and Guy Babusek.

I married my husband in 1995, and we have one son. Both my husband and son are in rock bands of their own. My husband sings lead and backup vocals and plays guitar. My son sings lead and plays drums and guitar. Music is definitely a family affair. Other than singing, directing, or teaching music, I enjoy hiking, reading, water skiing, traveling, and laughing with family and friends.


Michael Korenstein - About to become an IVA Student Teacher

Kiki Thompson - About to become an IVA Student Teacher

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