Studio Consulting & Teacher Mentoring

by Laurie Winckel

Can you teach anyone to sing?

What do you love most about your life?

I've already reached my goals, now what?

I feel stuck, what do I do?

How can I become more influential in my area?  

How do you deal with difficult circumstances and difficult people?

Why did you start teaching?

I feel like I'm missing something in my training, but what is it?

Who has influenced your life and your career the most?

Years ago, I reached a point in my life where I needed direction.  I had taken a break from singing and I was teaching choir in the public school system and I reached my goal the third year of teaching. I got married, so we moved to Austin and I started my own community youth choir which was flourishing. All of a sudden, my dad became terminally ill and I had to stop teaching for a while to become his caregiver.  When I went back into teaching music, I started my current private voice studio. I started teaching again but I found myself in a place where I felt I was missing something.  I knew I loved to sing. I loved to teach. I was making a difference. I also felt alone.  Something had to change, but what?  How would I ever find the right person to help me fill in the gaps and reach my goals?  Teaching, especially in a private studio, kept me pretty isolated.  I was seeking support, inspiration and someone I could communicate with on a regular basis.  I knew that there were many great and wonderful singers and teachers out there, but were they willing to help me learn and grow or teach me how to teach more effectively and inspire others?

After checking around and talking to people I thought sang well and asking them who they studied with, I found a network of teachers led by some of the best teachers in the world. I studied hard and my studio flourished. I found I was able to make more money than I imagined I would. I learn the most up to date information in vocal science and technique. I found great association with wonderfully talented teachers, and I have all kinds of support around me.  I've also spent over 15 years learning leadership and business principles in an international business setting.  I have also organized and led major events, conferences and programs at church, I was specifically trained on leadership and taught the staff at a school where I once taught.  I have recently completed (and am in the process of publishing) a book on leadership for private teachers within the IVA voice teachers organization. I have also been mentoring voice teachers worldwide through online electives and at the IVACON International Voice Teachers Conference on Studio Leadership. I enjoy working with teachers one on one, giving them personal mentorship in the areas of voice training and studio leadership.

I feel that the most valuable part of my training is personal mentoring by some of best voice teachers in the industry, as well as some of the best business leaders in the world. I'd like to pass all I've learned on to other teachers and studio owners, who find themselves in similar situations. My heart is to provide the same support to teachers that I received when it was needed the most!

I am now consulting and mentoring teachers locally and across the US, and I would love to help you pursue your dreams and goals. 

I consult people on the following topics

(aside from vocal technique):

  • Personal and Studio Mission Statements

  • Vision Statements

  • Life Planning

  • Goal Setting

  • Studio Organization

  • People Skills

  • Communication

  • Problem Solving

  • Creating A Unique Studio Culture

  • Effective Studio Policies

  • Customer Service

  • Positive Mental Attitude and Growth Mindset

  • Deep Practice Techniques

  • Classroom Management  

  • Teacher Mentoring and Raising Up Leaders 

  • Teach Effective Practice Techniques 

  • Overcoming Fear, Stage Fright and Building Confidence

  • How To Deal With Burn Out

  • and more! 

$50 per half hour lesson, and $100 per hour. 

Laurie Winckel
Vocal Edge Voice Studio Owner
IVA Advanced Voice Teacher
Leadership Development, Studio Consultant, Author. 
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