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Spotlight offers classes and private lessons for aspiring and emerging artists. We are a performance based group and many events will be held in public places. some of the classes and lessons will be held in private homes where lessons are held.  Please acknowledge this and agree to the following terms:

Timely Payments:  I agree to sign up for autopay for my monthly installment to Vocal Edge Studio (based on the chosen plan) to cover costs of time, effort and expenses in running this program.  I acknowledge that additional fees may be charged for classes and events with guest speakers or expert providers. I understand that the plan I choose has a recurring monthly fee, which will automatically be deducted from my account on the same day that I join, every month following for 12 months. I agree to pay the guest speakers fees in advance to reserve my spot. I am free to cancel at any time as long as I give 30 days written notice. 

Respect: We encourage a strong, supportive atmosphere in our Spotlight group. Therefore, during these workshops and events, I will show respect for myself, Vocal Edge Studio, Spotlight Program, artists, providers, speakers and our affiliates. I will not publicly or privately shame or embarrass, harass or copy, steal any material another artist creates. 

Attendance: I will be timely to classes and give 24 hour notice if I cannot attend a class.  I also understand that if I don't give 24 hours notice, I may waive my right to reschedule the class. (This depends on the content, the instructor and the situation). 

Exceptions: Spotlight, Vocal Edge Studio and any instructors, providers have the right to decline working with a student at any time, if there is a situation of disrespect or danger or any reason that could cause harm to the organization, provider, instructor, staff, artists or their families. 


Fees: I understand that fees are non-refundable, but I am able to book a spot in a different class if I am unable to attend in person.  I also understand that classes will be videotaped for later viewing should I have to miss.  I understand that I am not allowed to share any material, classes or content outside of our Spotlight community without written permission from Spotlight administrators and/or staff.   

Liability Waiver: I will not hold anyone of these people or entities responsible in case of injury or death. I will report all suspicious or inappropriate behavior to the staff immediately.

I understand and approve these statements and my purchase of membership signifies agreement to these policies. I hereby agree and move forward with the Spotlight Program. 


Vocal Edge Studio and Spotlight Programs respect your privacy. We will not share or sell your private info to anyone else.  Any promotional materials provided by our clients may be used on our public website or social media  but only after your permission is given. 



Vocal Edge Studio and Spotlight Programs will conduct ourselves as a business. We will not disrespect you, your family, fans, friends and business associates.  If a problem occurs, we will contact you directly and not make anything public that could harm you or your business. In return, we ask our clients to carry the same level of respect and treat yourself as a professional and your music as a  business.  We expect conduct of mutual understanding respect with our organization, our clients and all of our teachers and associates, partners and property and venues, as well.  Any cases of public or private misconduct will result in removal from the program and a possibility of legal action, depending on the act and it's severity.  

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