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Teaching Private Voice is my specialty and I include opportunities for singers to learn other skills like deep practice, stage presence and building confidence, group singing vs. solo singing (learn the differences and the approaches), stage presence and harmonization.  I also give students the opportunity to perform so they can build their experience level on stage. 


We're a Texas based extension of the PCG Universal Artist Development company in Nashville.  We are a performance-based artists hub and we build great singers into strong artists focusing on live performance, audience engagement, staging and mic technique, public speaking (while on stage), performance fashion, building set lists, etc.  We kicked off this new program in Central Texas in January 2020 and we are excited for all the artists coming into the program!  This is a perfect hub for networking, building relationships with other artists for collaboration and community support.  There is no age limit, but singers should be able to perform in public before joining this program.  We have a number of pre-teens, teens and adults, some are involved in artists development with PCG and other companies and are looking for local networking and performance opportunities. Some are already professional musicians, who perform regularly and are looking to sharpen their performance skills.   Everyone involved has a foundation of good singing and they are ready to take their performance to the next level.  

We meet monthly in a workshop setting, provide multiple performances monthly, private sessions with speakers and professionals in various related topics and we build towards a music festival twice a year.


Singers/Songwriters looking to develop their skills towards a professional career in music now have the opportunity to train here and connect with PCG Universal, a Nashville-based Artist Development Company.  PCG Universal artists learn from highly successful industry artists and professionals so they can become well-rounded artists. PCG Universal offers workshops, summer bootcamps, back stage passes, Athena/Bravo and Emerging Artist Programs.  We work with singers to help them develop their skills in vocals, instrumentals, staging, branding, social media, video, studio recording, authenticity, and more.   PCG Universal offers artists a safe entry into the industry. 


For those who want amazing results, I work with students in their lessons to develop a strong, deep practice habit.  Based on the book, "The Talent Code" by Daniel Coyle, I have incorporated teaching deep practice skills into our private lessons so that students know how to practice effectively, in just 6 - 10 minutes on a particular skill, every day.  This Deep Practice Technique works with singing, overcoming fear, stylizing a song, playing an instrument or just about anything else in life!


If fear or negative self talk keeps stopping your success, let me know and we will walk through a confidence training course together.  I will show you ways to build your confidence and stop listening to voices that don't encourage your success! This is a one on one training, but there may be some interaction with others going through the course as well.


I offer Studio recitals three times a year, Spring, Summer, Christmas.  This gives students a chance to perform songs for a "friendly" audience in order to gain experience and confidence in singing or even trying out a song before singing it in public, etc.  When students sing on recitals, it also gives me the chance to see how they handle themselves under pressure.  Do they remember what we've worked on in lessons, or do they go back to old habits due to nerves?  I will gain insight on how to prepare them for their next performance.

The fee per performance season is the price of one 1/2 hour lesson.


I offer vocal coaching for speakers, actors, teachers, anyone who desires to improve their tone quality, projection while eliminating fatigue that comes from over speaking or applying bad habits.  Actors will also learn tools to help them use "character voices" without causing strain or damage to their voice.  Book a session today and give your yourself the freedom to speak easily and clearly while your audience enjoys a better sound! 


Once you become confident enough to start singing in public, you can join us in performing on one of our community gigs.  We are frequent performers at Round Rock Market Days and at area restaurants.  The Texas weather sometimes makes things a bit interesting for outdoor gigs, so we schedule indoor gigs as well!  Participation in the gigs is part of the Season's Performance Pass.  For the price of one 1/2 hour lesson, you can participate in the recital and any community gigs in the spring, summer or Fall/Christmas season.


I offer studio consulting to teachers or prospective teachers who would like assistance in running a successful music studio or business.  I have over 20 years experience of running my own successful voice studios and choral organizations, and I am happy to help other teachers learn the "ins and outs" of everything from organizational skills, to teacher training to personal growth and leadership development!  I have been training and writing curriculum for personal, business leadership and best practices for working within a studio or small business setting.  I am currently writing a book, teaching workshops and elective courses on Studio Leadership, Personal Growth and Development as well as Deep Practice Methods. I love helping new teachers get started in teacher training through the world class IVA technique. Please contact me for more information at (For more info on teacher training, read below.)  I am happy to set up a phone or skype consultation with you.


Are you a singer who is interested in becoming a teacher or a teacher who wants to learn more about vocal pedagogy and our world class balanced singing technique?  Then, let me help you get started on a life changing journey to becoming a very well trained and effective voice teacher!  I am the area rep for the State of Texas, and I am here to help get you plugged in to our amazing system.  If you truly want to learn to sing and teach to the best of your abilities, then email me a, and I will be happy to help you get started!  In the meantime, check out the IVA Website at


Vocal Workshops are scheduled in my home studio on a monthly basis, and they can also be scheduled at your school, church or studio location! My workshops provide information on specific topics, as well as personal interaction and demonstration with participants.  Some workshops will be limited in size, but will be announced if that is the case.  

Topics Include:

Studio to Stage Performance Workshops

Balanced Technique Vocal Workshops

How to find Vocal Balance in Group/Choral Singing


Harmony Workshops


Music Theory - Sight-singing If you are looking to supplement your training with learning Music Theory, Sight-singing (solfege - Do-Re-Mi), let me know and we will design a plan to go along with your vocal training. Whether it be to prepare you for college auditions or TMEA All State Choir auditions, I will give you tools to practice each week, until you've developed the confidence you need for your audition.  Start early though, so you have time to prepare!

Piano Accompanying - Singers looking to learn how to accompany themselves on the piano will learn basic chords in a few lessons that can be applied to the song(s) we are working on in lessons.  Let me know well in advance of a performance so we can practice both skills separately before putting them together. 

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Private Voice lessons/ Vocal Coach in Hutto & Online

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