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Choose your plan: 

All plans require the $50 Registration Fee.

There are four plans to consider:

  • Spotlight Premiere (For Public - Non Vocal Edge Students) - $99.99/mo (does not include guest speakers fees, Glam Events & PCG Events.)

  • VE Spotlight Premiere (For Regular Vocal Edge Students) - $59.99/mo (does not include guest speakers, Glam Events & PCG Events.)

  • SpotLITE - A la carte program (For Anyone) - $24.00/mo (basic plan - see details below).

  • "Open Classes" to general public - (No programs. Anyone can attend).  Just purchase the Registration Fee to gain access to the portal. (Good for one year).  Purchase course(s) separately from the Spotlight events page.  No need to purchase of these plans no recurring payments. 

Please understand that the plan you choose has a recurring monthly fee, which will automatically be deducted from your account on the same day that you join, each month. Please read other terms before you sign up for Professional Artist Development.