Formal Studio Recitals
(Spring, Summer and Fall/Christmas)

The formal recital is a great place for beginners to perform!  With opportunities given three times a year, students will perform for audiences that are filled with other studio families and friends who attend by invitation only.  The audience is supportive and friendly enough to put every singer at ease.  Intermediate and advanced singers also participate if they want to perfom a song for an audience in preparation for an audition or another event.   This is a "safe" place to start performing!


VE Select Singers (Vocal Edge Select)

The VE Select SIngers are typically more advanced singers (of any age group) that audition during the Formal Studio Recital to become a part of a "touring" company for the following session.   If selected, the singer will prepare four songs in a semester, one to audition with at the recital and three more to add to their repertoire to sing in public venues such as restaurants, coffee shops, community events, charity events, etc.  Select students are working towards having more advanced stage presence, the ability to communicate with a public audience, singing multiple songs and learning to transition between songs, while building a larger playlist so they can gig by themselves in the future.  By the time students reach this level,  many of them are also learning to accompany themselves on piano, guitar or the can sing a cappella.   For more detailed information, check the drop down box on this page or click here:

Community Events & Gigs​

From time to time our students are invited to sing at various community events from Fall Fests to Community-wide Chili Cookoffs, to neighborhood gatherings to Christmas Festivals. This is a great opportunity to get some public exposure!  There is usually a limit to the number of singer that can bring to a performance, so we ask that anyone wanting to sign up to sing, have studied voice with me for at least one semester before singing in public.   These events will be scheduled separately from the VE select singer program. 

If you are a solo musician or have just joined a band and are interested in setting up some gigs, we can help!  We will help you build your set list and give you some great ideas for live performances around town!

Senior or Individual Recitals
If you are a senior in High School or College or if you are a student who has worked up enough repertoire to have your own recital,  we can certainly make your day special!  We will build your program to suit the style of music you would like to showcase.  You have the ability to perform for anyone you invite who has supported you throughout out your school or musical career.  It's a great way to show off your hard work and how much you have developed as a singer! 


​If you have a big audition coming up, let us help!  Whether you are auditioning for a role in a Musical Theater product or are trying out for a TV show or to be in a band, we can help you select your song(s) and prepare you for the audition.  High School Choir students need not worry about the UIL and TMEA All-State Choir audition process. Just bring your music to your lessons and we'll give you all the tools you need to have a successful audition