Perfectly designed for kids,  this class was created for the young singer who loves music, wants to sing, yet may not be ready for the intensity of private voice lessons and solo performance.  This class will be structured like a lesson, however it will have a few more students so they feel more comfortable and will feel less intense. Classes are very small, ranging from 2-4 kids, so that the students can still receive some individual attention and basic technique while singing songs together.  This group will be ready to perform at our private studio recitals in May, August and December.  This class meets once a week for 30 minutes.  The cost is $80 per month, per student. 


This class will be taught by a partner teacher at her studio location, depending on your area of town.




The class policies will be a little different from regular voice lessons to accommodate for multiple class members.

1. Tuition ($80) is due on the 25th of the month before classes are given.  Please pay for the first month when registering for the class.  (You will receive an invoice for payment around the 20th of the month before the lessons are given.) 

2. Students need to commit to the weeky class for a semester at a time so that they can perform together at the end of the semester, since they will come to depend on each other.  Students can take this prep class for as long as they want until they reach 9 years old.

3. By the age or 9, students can move into regular private voice lessons, for much more personalized and concentrated vocal training. 

4. Absence policy - no refunds, makeups or credits will be given for absences.  Instead, you will pay for 4 lessons a month, even if a particular month has 5 weeks in it, so everyone will get a free added lesson from time to time in place of make up lessons or holidays.  If you need to cancel, however, please let us know so we can plan the lesson for the remaining students, accordingly.   

5. Cash, Paypal, Credit Cards/Debit Cards are accepted.  Please make checks out to Laurie Winckel.

6. Please arrive 5 minutes early to class and 30 minutes early to performances. Remember I will have lessons before and after these classes so I need to stay on schedule.

7. To prepare for the class, students should think of a couple of their favorite songs that are kid friendly and age appropriate that they can sing together.  We will take turns picking songs to sing.

8. Bring a bottle of water and any lyrics or music that you need, although I can provide a lot of music on YouTube or through Itunes.

9. All classes are held at my studio address, which will be sent to you on the registration confirmation sheet.

10.  Students are required to be well behaved and respectful before, during and after class and at the recitals.  Students must respect the studio, equipment, any performance venue, the teacher as well as the other students and families in the class.  If a student is not behaving appropriately, the parent will be asked to sit in on the class for a while. If nothing changes, we reserve the right to ask the child to stop talking the class.  If we do that, we will refund any money that has been paid for future classes. 

11. Parents may drop kids off and leave for a bit, but we ask that at least once a month, you stay for the class because your involvement is important and we also may need to discuss something in person with you.  If you leave, please pick our child up on time.



Click the Register button at the top of this page and fill out the online form.  Once your registration has been accepted, you will be notified that you can log into and check the calendar.  On the calendar page, look for the class spots (noted in red), that say VE prep class.  Click on the spot and "add event".  If you cannot add yourself to that class, that means that class is full.  Try another class time.  If that class is full, email or call me and I will consider starting another class.