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Artist Development




VE Spotlight 

We are happy to announce the start of our new VE Spotlight Performance-Based Artist Development Program!  We are developing great performers so they are prepared for a safe entrance into a music career!  We work with young aspiring artists, emerging and professional artists. Our artists will have the opportunity to meet other artists in our area, collaborate, train to a higher level of performance! After going through our program, our top commercial artists will be introduced to top Nashville Music Execs with PCG Universal and our theatrical singers will be introduced to Broadway Super Star,

Tony Vincent with PCG Theatrical

Program Details

Sing Well, Perform Well, Live Well!

Performance-Based Training

1-2 Year Training Options

Topics Include:

Setting the Stage:                                 (Pre-Performance Prep)​

  • Where the best places are to gig in Central Texas.

  • Growth Attitude/mindset

  • Set List Planning/Order of Show​

  • Speaking for Singers​ - Planning what to say between songs

  • Social Media/Advertising for your show.
  • What equipment is needed?
  • Audition prep

On Stage: (Performance Prep)

  • Confidence Training.

  • Vocal Health/Technique/Excellence.

  • Capturing the Audience.

  • Mic/Staging/Movement Technique.

  • Musicianship/Harmonization/BGVs.

  • Knowing who you are as an artist.

  • How to communicate with your sound guy/sound checks.

  • Instruments. What should you play?

  • Glam/wardrobe planning.

  • Spotlight performance opportunities.

After The Show:

(Post Performance)

  • Health:  Recovery & Rest.

    • Vocally.

    • physically. 

    • mentally. 

    • spiritually.

    • Packing up Sound Equipment.

Between Gigs/Ongoing Projects:

  • Artist Branding.

  • Photography/Videography.

  • Business/School Counseling.

  • Community/Charity.

  • Fundraising/Sponsorships.

  • Recording. 

  • Songwriting.

  • Vocal/Instrumental Training.

  • Personal/Professional Growth Opportunities.

  • Networking

  • Jam Sessions

  • Introductions to PCG Universal

Check out our MEDIA page for more public announcements regarding Vocal Edge Studios - Voice and Spotlight programs! 

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